Main goals of updates/upgrades — bug fixes, new features, security vulnerabilities fixes, where ideal state is always be up to date. Updates/upgrades can be done to the latest minor version of the existing current major version or to the next major version. For instance, if you deployed your cluster when the latest version was 4.3.22 you can upgrade it today to the latest minor 4.3.40 version or gradually to the latest existing version, i.e OCP 4.6.7. …

OCS is persistent data services for OpenShift and the hybrid multi-cloud

Why Openshift Container Storage

Tight integration with OpenShift
Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage combined with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform offers a complete open source solution for hybrid cloud and a unified Dev/Ops experience, enabling:
• Coordinated installation
• Readiness for dynamic provisioning
• A unified control plane for common management and monitoring
• Seamless scaling and upgrades
• Unified block, file, and object storage
• Streamlined consulting and support
• A consolidated roadmap


First I would like to thank my colleagues Shon Paz and Eddy Resnick for helping me with the process.

This document follows the video

All Things Data: State of Container…

Ansible Tower

First of all we downloaded the tar file from this website: ansible tower tar file.20 GB of dedicated hard disk space for Tower service nodes and for nodes containing a database 150 GB+ recommended. Mount this disks to /var in the node.After this we edited the inventory file to our needs.Then we run the ./ script and it installed ansible tower.Edit the /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg forks = <number that you want> (default is 5, we increased it to 100)Initially we need to install govc on the ansible tower server: guide to install GOVC.
For backup run the ./ -b script.

After installation…

Why this article?

Sometimes customers have on-premises disconnected private cloud with containerized applications and their vision to provide to multiple edge locations the same cloud environments and the same experience like in central location — cloudlets. Cloudlets not always has a connection to the central cloud so they should be able to live autonomously where connection to the center broken and be able to reconnect once connection restored. In this way containerized applications would be deployed from a central location to the edge locations and even to IOT equipment. In the past customers lost money by managing edge manually, it was error prone…

Anoel Yakoubov

A professional, friendly and courteous expert who has a track record of getting tasks/projects done on time and to the highest Standards. Red Hat EMEA PS Team

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